Capturing big moments now, so you can create little moments later.

photo-childHi! I’m Justin Heidema. I’m proud to be a third generation Montanan born and raised on a dairy farm in the beautiful Gallatin Valley. From a young age, my love for rodeo was seeded with the yearly family outings to the CNFR in Bozeman. The excitement that ran through everyone young and old left a large imprint in my memory, and it is that feeling that I love to capture through the lens.

The best part of shooting a rodeo is freezing the unlimited moments 1/1000th of second at a time. From a child seeing the horses for the first time, to an athlete achieving a personal best, a championship ride, or a cowboy lifesaver shooting a tight gap while pulling a bulls head around; the memories are there.

I love rodeo, and through my photos, I want other people to find that love as well.

My core values: Hard Work. Quality. Trust.

photo-jtGrowing up on a dairy I was taught from the very beginning to work hard, get the job done, and do it right the first time! I was also taught that if you give someone your word, you shake on it, and you stand by it. My grandfather had the largest impact on my childhood, and it was his love
for computers and photography that set me on my path. It is for this reason that I chose to honor him and all my family, by encircling his brand as my logo, and living the lessons of hard work, quality and trust in my daily life and work.


logo-nraLet me help you turn your rodeo memories into a work of art.
I’m proud to be a credentialed NRA photographer. I specialize in rodeo and equestrian photography but also love shooting clinics and special equestrian events as well.

Contact me today for details. (406) 579-1611