Country Born. Geek for Life.

Hi! I’m Justin Heidema. I’m proud to be a third generation Montanan born and raised on a dairy farm in the beautiful Gallatin Valley. I have 10+ years of corporate I.T. experience including managing the networks for Quantel USA, The HRDC, and various other companies in and around Bozeman.

photo-jtMy tech support services extend to the following:

  • Windows Servers
  • Windows for Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • VMWare
  • Mac operating systems
  • Linux operating systems
  • Networking hardware
  • Other network hardware such as copiers, printers, fax, and phone systems
  • And much more

I’m proud to offer the following service solutions to fit your needs:

Schedule work before or after business hours or on weekends.

Flexibility is important to corporations who can’t shut down their servers during business hours. For that reason, I offer flexible solutions and hours to my clientele which allows them to keep their operations going during peak hours.

Remote support.

Remote support is generally a viable option. Remote support allows me to help my clients on demand, so they don’t have to worry about waiting for the tech guy to fit them into his schedule. Remote access
is 100% secure and your information and privacy are safeguarded. I am proud to extend this option to both corporations and private residences.

My core values: Hard work. Quality. Trust.

Growing up on a dairy I was taught from the very beginning to work hard, get the job done, and do it right the first time! I was also taught that if you give someone your word, you shake on it, and you stand by it. My grandfather had the largest impact on my childhood, and it was his love for computers and photography that set me on my path. It is for this reason that I chose to honor him and all my family, by encircling his brand as my logo, and living the lessons of hard work, quality and trust in my daily life and work.


Let me help manage your tech, so you can manage your business.
The tech landscape is ever changing. What is new today, will be outdated tomorrow. Let my passion and dedication to this field help you achieve your goals.

Contact me today for details. (406) 579-1611